2020 Data Journo Conference

2020 Data Journalism Conference is about sharing and learning from the best in the field. Together, we can build a stronger and better future for journalism. Our peers will be presenting some of their best works in data-driven projects and provide a good overview of trends and best practices. In this conference, you will also learn about applications of technology, tools of change and techniques to produce the best data stories and visualization of your data projects.

It is also about partnerships, programs and collaboration with the community.  We had the joy of having the best presenters in the industry in our annual series of Digital Journalism summits and past editions .

This practical & informative conference will feature a high value content program with the latest knowledge and understanding to equip executives in the field of content production and journalism. Meet journalists, publishers and content producers in this event and many more.

Be empowered and equipped to solve common industry challenges, seize the right opportunities and get the necessary support and programs to propel your news content business forward.

Come and join us for yet another exciting edition of discussions, easy networking with peers and professionals, and many opportunities to collaborate for the future.

See past related editions: The conference program and speaker details will be published soon.
Feel free to reach out to us at hello@asher-russell.com if you have any inquiries.